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Revamping workplaces, 
one portfolio at a time.

Let us negotiate the best corporate benefit plans that provide welfare programmes that suits the needs of your organisation and employees.

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One portfolio,
doubled in value.

Fully utilise your employee insurance portfolio with Affinite and Purple.


When Affinite manages a corporate insurance portfolio, we reimburse its value and more to the organisation's Purple e-Wallet.

Here's how we do it.

Affinite will...

  • Work with our corporate insurance broker partners* to manage your organisation's employee benefits portfolios.

  • Provide full coverage for employees under the insurance policy.

  • Match dollar-for-dollar the value of the portfolio, convert it to Purple Points, and disseminate them to the organisation's employees. 

  • Give back part of the revenue earned from the portfolio as stackable cash vouchers for employees. 


*Affinite & Purple Rewards work closely with reputable insurance brokers and companies to create a marketplace for employers seeking the most competitive rates on employee benefits plans.


Employers enjoy...

  • Fuss-free management of their corporate portfolio.

  • No additional expenditure to onboard and use the Purple platform for their organisation.

  • Greater rapport and relationships with employees.

  • Double the value of their corporate insurance. 

Employees enjoy...

  • The full extent of their insurance benefits.

  • The choice of rewards offered through the Purple platform that benefit their lives.

  • A stronger relationship with their employer, and a better workplace with better benefits.

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