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Maximise savings at your favourite brands with Purple Rewards.

Here's a quick guide on the different types of rewards on Purple, and how to redeem them.

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Purple Cash

Purple Cash directly offsets your bill at any merchant.

Purple Points

Purple Points are used to redeem Purple Vouchers given by merchants!

Purple Exclusive Vouchers

Exclusive Vouchers listed here cannot be found anywhere else on Purple.

Past Transactions

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Voucher Wallet

Merchant Cash Vouchers offered by merchants to further offset your bill directly are stored here.

Purple Rewards Application - Banners (6).png

Guide to claiming and using vouchers on Purple Rewards.


All transactions made through Purple are viewable via the "Transactions" tab in your menu bar.


Transaction Details

To see more details,

click on the transaction itself.

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Stay on top of
your spending with Purple Rewards.

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