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Better benefits,
for a better workplace.

Lifestyle benefits are essential to employees’ productivity and success at work. They improve the standard and quality of life for employees, going beyond the atypical benefits.


Beyond that, meaningful and attractive benefits attract and retain talent, save on recruiting resources, increase employees’ work performance, and boosts a company’s capabilities.

Discover how Purple can help

The importance of employee benefits


of Employees

think that employers should prioritise lifestyle benefits alongside medical benefits.


of Employees

are more willing to join companies with medical and lifestyle benefits.

Building loyalty starts with great perks, and great perks start with Purple.

As the workforce evolves, they develop specific expectations of their ideal employers, and their value propositions. Many employees look to their companies for support to improve work-life balance.

Reward your employees with Purple
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Benefits that actually benefit their lives

Companies must offer benefits that support their workforce in all aspects of their lives, creating a more positive employee experience for their workforce.

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Let your employees choose their benefits

At any Purple-registered retailer, Purple Points can be used to redeem vouchers  that discount your employees' favourite products and services.

Paying with a Phone


Rewards - on top of rewards.

On top of these vouchers, employees enjoy cashback on their purchases, ranging from 3% to 10% when they pay through Purple.

How it works

Attract and retain valuable talent through Purple

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Fully utilise your benefits programme to maximise every dollar invested.

Choose Affinite to manage your organisation's employee benefits portfolio* and increase the welfare to your team. 

Enjoy the full value of employee benefits

Choose Affinite to manage your organisation's employee benefits portfolio and 100% of the commission* Affinite receives goes back to your employees’ wallet as Purple Points. 

Holistic benefits to bridge expectations

Purple bridges the gap between employers who want utilisable and affordable employee benefits, and employees who are searching for better benefits that will improve their quality of life.

Create your employee welfare programme with Purple.

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