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Better benefits,
for a better workplace.

Reward employees with the power of choice over the benefits they need to better their quality of life. 

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Building loyalty starts with great perks, and great perks start with Purple.

As the workforce evolves, specific expectations of the ideal employer and their value propositions develop as well.


Many Singapore employees look to their companies for support to improve in all aspects of their lives, which is where Purple comes in.  

Key Points

A new way to manage your organisation's most precious asset.

Maximise every dollar invested in employees by leveraging on Purple to fully utilise the employee benefits portfolio in Singapore. 


One Portfolio, Doubled in Value. 

Choose Affinite to manage your corporate insurance portfolio, and we will reimburse its value and more to your organisation's Purple e-Wallet.


Attract and Retain Valuable Talent.

Offer benefits to employees that they would want, rewarding them by improving their quality of life and earning their loyalty. 


Benefits that Actually Benefit.

Support and empower employees with the power of choice over their benefits, creating a lasting relationship beyond the workplace. 


Intuitive, All-in-One Platform.

Reward employees and connect with them regardless of time and place through one simple platform that can do it all for your organisation.  

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Here's how Purple rewards your employees.

As easy as one, two and three.

Give employees power over their benefits in Singapore within three easy steps.

Empower Employees.

Disseminate Purple Points directly and easily to employees' e-Wallet.

Redeem Rewards.

Using Purple Points, employees redeem rewards of their choice at merchants. 

Propel Productivity.

Reward employees further with Purple's cashback ecosystem on their spends.

Contact Form

Build loyalty and connect through Purple.

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